Five urbanisation challenges in Addis Ababa

I was recently quizzed on what I consider to be the key urbanisation issues in Addis Ababa based on my experience living in the city over the last year. So here is a quick overview of five urbanisation challenges facing the city from my own perspective 1. Sustainability of buildings and infrastructure Addis Ababa is […]

No pain, no gain? Rapid urban growth and urbanism in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s high altitude capital, is a city undergoing one of theĀ fastest rates of urban growth in the world. The huge scale of development and change that is occurring makes it seem like the entire city is just one big construction site. All across the city new houses, condominiums, offices, roads and other pieces […]

The informal taxi network in Addis Ababa: A complex-adaptive system?

(Reposted from Complexia) In Addis Ababa there are three main forms of public transport: government-run buses with set routes, contract taxis, and an informal network of buses and minivan taxis that operate on a range of different routes across the city based largely around commuter demand. I have been a regular user of the minivan […]