Mbao forest: Dakar’s green lung

Previously a peri-urban forest, the Mbao forest has gradually become an urban forest located in the heart of the capital. It has become vulnerable to all sorts of threats. Within 30 years, its surface area has shrunk by 15 percent. It has been coveted and assaulted in various ways by local residents, property developers and […]

Highway redesigns Dakar

In August 2013, Senegal inaugurated the first toll highway to be financed from a unique combination of public and private funds. It spans over 32km from Dakar’s city centre to Diamniadio, the new centre of economic growth located on the outskirts of the capital. This road is the masterpiece of the government’s public infrastructure project. […]

Dakar: a fragmented agglomeration

In Senegal’s capital a long absence of urban planning has led to the anarchic development of economic activities and residential settlements as well as the remarkable polarity of the city, writes Alé Badara Sy.