Kampala aims to lead African cities in fight against climate change

The Ugandan capital is finding homegrown climate solutions.

In Uganda’s small but fast-growing cities, ‘one planner is not enough’

‘Secondary’ cities are booming across Africa. Jinja is one aiming to get ahead the growth.

In Kampala, an Uber for motorcycle taxis puts safety first

(Republished from Citiscope). KAMPALA, Uganda — Motorcycle taxis rule the road in this capital city, where estimates of the number of “boda bodas” ferrying passengers around town range from 65,000 to the hundreds of thousands. That’s at least five times more bodas than New York has yellow cabs. They’re also notoriously unsafe. Between the potholed […]

Development is urbanization. The case for regenerative African cities.

Urban success is related to three issues: location, location and location. The success of metropolitan areas is related to three other issues: governance, governance, and governance, says Professor Pedro B. Ortiz, a senior urban planner at the World Bank in Washington DC. Ortiz delivered a keynote address at the Future of Cities Forum in Kampala in July. This year’s […]

Bodas are gold in Kampala’s art scene

Many Kampalans might view the city’s ubiquitous motorbike taxis as vehicles manned by thugs who drive recklessly, but artist Kino Musoke thinks they are simply gold. For this month’s Kampala Contemporary Art Festival KLA ART 014, for which 20 Ugandan artists were tasked with transforming bodabodas into works of art, he spray painted a Bajaj […]

First aid training for Uganda’s boda drivers

On a dusty, potholed road in Gulu, northern Uganda, which he shares with bicycles, mini bus taxis and other vehicles, as well as pedestrians and, quite often, chickens and cows, Vincent Oloya is learning how to be a Good Samaritan. “I like being a bodaboda (motorbike taxi) driver but I prefer driving a car,” said […]

Art and disability awareness intersect in Kampala

Ugandan Fred Batale is sitting in his car at Kampala’s LaBa! Street Art Festival, held in June. But it’s not just any vehicle he’s getting ready to drive. It’s a vibrantly painted automobile built using a tricycle as a base, with a canary yellow bonnet and a roof, back and windows constructed from polythene paper, […]