South Africa’s Carbon Tax – a means to an end?

One of the salient questions for any country or city looking to benefit from all the upside potential in a “low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive” (UNEP, 2011) green economy, is how to go about the transition, and perhaps more acutely, how to finance the transition. Internalizing the externality costs of greenhouse gas emissions […]

Reconciling uncertainty and decision-making in climate adaptation

Produced for discussion by the delegates at IDRC’s workshop, Research on Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal and Estuarine Systems, Belem, Brazil, 2-4 October, 2013.  Issues of uncertainty are a primary area of mis-communication in climate change science and the confusion impedes effective climate change decisions. Climate change adaptation should make use of the best […]

Reliance supports local carbon market while composting Cape Town’s green waste

Not everybody knows this, but under South Africa’s National Environmental Management: Waste Act (59 of 2008) all solid waste that leaves private property or is placed in a wheely-bin provided by the local municipality, belongs to the State. This is largely a matter of convenience as it allows local governments to plan and provide definitive […]