AURI brief: investing in Africa’s youth. A 21st century opportunity

Nearly one in three people in sub-Saharan Africa is between the ages of 10 and 24, presenting an unprecedented opportunity for the continent’s development. AURI policy brief.

AURI brief: enabling sustainable livelihoods in cities

City governments need to take an active role in supporting transitions from school to work, while incentivising businesses to share expertise with young entrepreneurs. AURI policy brief.

AURI brief: building equality, building resilience

Africa’s cities are facing increasingly frequent shocks connected to climate change, economic instability, public health catastrophes and global conflicts. AURI policy brief.

AURI policy brief: freedom to move – transportation in African cities

To improve urban mobility, and make cities more productive and inclusive, local authorities should be involved in land use and city planning as well as development incentives. AURI policy brief.

AURI policy brief: accessing land, accessing a future

With land increasingly viewed as a commodity rather than a public good, a shift in thinking is needed to ensure that land is treated as a human right. AURI policy brief.

AURI brief: working with informality to make informality work for Africa

The idea of what an African city is, and how the informal sector fits into that picture, needs to change. Reforming the formal sector’s exclusionary and rigid regulations to enable hybrid solutions that use both sectors’ strengths will be key to achieving inclusive and sustainable long- term urban development. AURI policy brief.

AURI brief: participating in effective urban governance

Transforming governance practices at the urban scale will require city authorities to rethink current institutional frameworks with the purpose of enhancing strategic investment and ensuring the delivery of basic services. Policy brief from AURI.

AURI brief: feeding Africa’s cities in the 21st century

Feeding Africa’s rapidly growing urban poor population is one of the region’s biggest development challenges. Questions of urban food security must be understood in the context of a larger and flawed food system that is often led by global and market forces rather than the needs of hungry people. Policy brief from AURI.

AURI brief: Climate Compatible Development in African cities

To increase urban resilience, city-level climate change adaptation strategies and action plans that focus on the urban poor, who are most affected by climate change, need to be developed. Policy brief from the African Urban Research Initiative.