Accra’s urban farmers need support

Ruth Taylor, a domestic worker in Ghana’s capital, grows maize, cassava, green peppers and bananas on the piece of land behind her house. With the help of one hoe she, like a growing number of Accra’s residents, uses the little space, which measures about 4m x 4m, within her rented property to grow this produce … Continued

Why South Africa should expand its nuclear power programme

Countries like South Africa should consider developing more nuclear reactors because they are safer and cleaner than most people think, writes Brandon Finn.

The sand miners of Sierra Leone: working and waiting

“It is difficult as a young man here in Sierra Leone,” says 16-year-old sand miner Adraman Kamara, standing on the banks of the Sierra Leone River in a small village 20 kilometres east of Freetown. “We are told to work for our money and help our families. We are told by the government that we … Continued

Young men struggling for work in Freetown

When I met Ibrahini Sorio Jalloh in Freetown, Sierra Leone, he was unpacking second-hand clothing from a huge hessian bag and setting up his stall in Kabiya Lots Market, a five-minute walk from the iconic Cotton Tree in the city center. “I live with fifteen people in my house. That’s why I sell ‘junks’,” says … Continued