Review: How to Study Public Life

This book draws a wealth of observations from scenes that urban citizens have all witnessed countless times and imparts the tools that can be used to convert city life from a living tableau to a theoretical and practical basis for change.

Moving people

Although published in 2010, Peter Cox’s Moving People: Sustainable Transport Development remains a useful and rewarding read in 2014, despite the rapid growth and constant evolution of sustainable transport in both the rich and the poor worlds.

Losing farmland is forever

The fight for better cities is seldom as clearly defined as when water and food are at stake. Yet access to both hangs in the balance at the Philippi Horticultural Area – 3074ha of fertile land that has been the city’s breadbasket since the 19th century. This single block of land, tilled for decades, provides […]

Cape Town not exempt from an urban spring?

The protests which have played out on the streets, in the squares and outside the stadia of Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Cairo, have brought to the fore the importance of public participation and engagement around the development of cities. These protests should send a strong signal to Cape Town and other cities […]

Building a city of neighbourhoods

Mokena Makeka is a Cape Town-based architect responsible for the redesign of the city’s main transit station – the heart of a 20-year vision of high-density neighbourhoods – and the celebrated Thusong Service Centre in Khayelitsha. Brett Petzer spoke with him about the wait for better spaces. Brett Petzer: Why, within walking distance of Cape […]