Life on the ambiguous edge of Cairo

Life in Sheikh Zayed City, one of Cairo’s peripheral suburbs, through the eyes of resident Omar Omar.

Capital Cairo: a regime of graphics

Adham Selim critiques the viability of the new Egyptian capital city, which presently exists in the realm of imagination and visualisation.

User-driven housing construction: lessons from Cairo

In Cairo, informal modes of housing production create a resilient and user-generated city.

A pastiche of the streets in Cairo

Photographer Roy M Gunnels documents life on Cairo’s Muizz Street.

The man next to the governor: how a police state ruined a city

In June of 2013 a group of heritage activists, architects, and concerned citizens organized a protest outside the Cairo governorate regarding the speedy deterioration of historic Cairo. The historic city had been suffering for years but since 2011 the process of deterioration had increased to an unprecedented pace with new constructions rising in the small plots between registered buildings and with architectural details disappearing from buildings daily.

10 must-watch videos to understand Egypt’s urban challenges

Right to Housing is an initiative that aims to link contemporary urban challenges with the notion of the “right to housing.” If that right is constitutionally protected and guaranteed, urban activists argue, it could lead to the drafting of policies that will respond to the many negative aspects of urban and rural life in Egypt. […]

Burgers, neighbourhoods and Egypt’s non-system

With new restaurants opening every week in Cairo it may appear that the government has been promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship and facilitating the opening of new restaurants and cafes in some parts of the city as a way to stimulate the local economy towards recovery. While the revolution seems to have been nearly all but […]

Two court cases and the future of Cairo

In the midst of recent political turmoil there have been developments in two court cases which have gone largely unnoticed. In both cases private property was targeted for confiscation using state institutions as a vehicle for private investment to acquire these properties. In both cases the state mobilized its security apparatus and even used lethal […]

The city and Egypt’s constitution 2013

Last year as a new constitution (for Egypt) was drafted issues pertaining to the right to housing, right to the city, protection and management of patrimony, right to information (including municipal budgets, etc) and the right to elect municipal officials including governors were almost entirely excluded from the final draft or were given vague unbinding […]

Artists as urban catalysts in downtown Cairo

Last December the Goethe Institute hosted a panel discussion titled “Artists as Urban Catalysts in Downtown Cairo.” The event was organized by Beth Stryker and Omar Nagati (Cluster) and supported by the Ford Foundation. Invited panelists represented two types of stakeholders in downtown: property owners (Karim Shafei, CEO of Al Ismaelia Real Estate Development, and […]