The rise and fall of Malawi’s urban green spaces

Despite being known as the ‘Garden City,’ Malawi’s capital city Lilongwe faces increasing pressure on its green spaces, many of which have fallen to ruin.

Bridging the water and sanitation gap in Malawi’s informal settlements

How a Malawi non-profit is improving sanitation services for the urban poor.

The long wait for housing in Malawi

At least 21,200 new houses need to be built annually to meet the demand for housing in Malawi’s urban centres. But a lack of political will is putting the brakes on housing delivery.

Malawi’s urban centres: a collision path for democracy and tradition

In Malawi, chiefs are fighting a May 2015 government directive banning them from exercising their powers in towns and cities. The clash highlights a schism between traditional leadership and democracy.

How women in Malawi are turning waste into wealth

LILONGWE, Malawi — As the sun rises, Norah Baziwell leaves her family home here in the crowded squatter settlement of Mtandire Township. Pushing a wheelbarrow containing a shovel, rake, pick, hoe, watering can, pail, gumboots and gloves, she heads about a hundred yards down a dirt road to check on her treasure stashed under plastic […]

Nuisance or necessity? street vending in Malawi

City mayors in Malawi say they intend to put a stop to street vending in the country’s major town centres. According to Malawi’s laws, street vending in urban areas that have designated markets in line with council by-laws is illegal. Malawi’s decentralization policy empowers councilors to deal with street vending. After a 10 year absence, […]

Corruption in Malawi’s planning sector threatens urban development

Malawi is urbanising at a rapid rate. By 2020 it is expected to have the world’s highest annual urbanisation rate of 6.3 %, according to UN-Habitat statistics. Unethical behaviour by politicians, technocrats and physical planners in the country threatens cohesive urban development and poses challenges to the future of Malawi’s urban spaces. “The country has […]

Urban disasters: a challenge to planning in Malawi

Urbanisation has outstripped government’s capacity to provide services and guide urban growth in Malawi, a physical planning expert, Mphatso Kadaluka has said. “Inadequate and deteriorating infrastructure has exposed urban inhabitants to myriad types of disasters that leaves them vulnerable to inexplicable impacts,” said Kadaluka, a northern region Acting Commissioner for Physical Planning in the Ministry […]

Malawi’s physical planners urged to pull up socks

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Housing has asked physical planners in Malawi to take advantage of government’s policy, legal and institutional frameworks in order to advance the planning profession. Physical planning in the country is challenged by substandard development, said the secretary Ivy Luhanga, speaking during a Malawi Institute of Physical […]