Comment: The new urban imperative for secondary cities

Linking policy-making and the New Urban Agenda with recent agreements on climate change and disaster risk reduction offers a strategy for financing the critically needed investments in today’s fast-growing intermediate cities.

Community-generated data crucial for implementing New Urban Agenda

Good urban planning can’t happen without a better understanding of informal settlements, advocates say.

Can we actually agree on indicators to measure urban development?

Using global frameworks to guide local development and measure progress in cities is complex.

What’s new in the final draft New Urban Agenda?

Citiscope offers five immediate takeaways following this week’s release of the Habitat III vision document.

Two models for tracking implementation of the New Urban Agenda

As the Habitat III negotiations begin to wind up, discussion builds on how to monitor progress on the new vision in coming decades. Report from Citiscope.

How do we ensure broad buy-in to the New Urban Agenda?

Successful urban strategies have worked because local governments and local civil society could see the value of applying them. Commentary by David Satterthwaite and David Dodman.

Five trends in Africa’s rapid urbanization

Citiscope reports on key trends in the recently published African Economic Outlook report.

Can diplomats negotiating the New Urban Agenda deliver success this week?

“What is pending?” asked Habitat III’s secretary general. “Issues related to monitoring, evaluation, follow-up and financing will be agreed on [through] further discussion here in Surabaya.”

Comment: The New Urban Agenda is not taking transport seriously enough

The global community has made a lot of promises about the importance of clean, safe, accessible transport in cities. Habitat III is the time to deliver.

Cities turn to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Citiscope’s Carey L. Biron takes a look at how cities are implementing the new Sustainable Development Goals.