Skyscraper City

In the past few years high-rise buildings have mushroomed in Dar es Salaam. But with developers ignoring engineers’ guidelines and the city ill-equipped to handle additional stress on its drainage system, the city’s modern skyline comes with its own set of challenges.

Feeder roads to deal with Dar’s traffic dilemma

Commuters in Dar es Salaam are used to spending hours stuck in traffic jams. A new 46.2-kilometer network of feeder roads in the city should change that. Florence Mugarula reports.

Dar needs to deal with unplanned settlements

Living in Dar es Salaam for some can best be described as the struggle of living in unplanned settlements where road networks and drainage systems leave a lot to be desired. But residents can see some light at the end of the tunnel as the government plans to implement the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Project […]

Rains wreak havoc in Dar es Salaam

It is noon and the heavens break loose. While some cheer for the seething breeze that accompanies the rain, some just curse it. Frederick Lema, a veteran commuter bus driver, grows animated as raindrops start falling. He knows the day is over and as a breadwinner he anticipates more trouble at home. It has been […]

Commuter trains ease traffic in Dar

In Dar es Salaam the government in collaboration with the private sector has been trying hard to come up with solutions to solve the traffic jams that bedevil the city. One strategy has been the implementation of commuter train routes in the city, established in October 2012. The service is cheap and relatively reliable compared […]

Government moves to make bodabodas safer in Dar

Photo: Traffic police inspect a bodaboda rider’s particulars at Magomeni area in Dar es Salaam. Emmanuel Herman. Motorcycle taxi operators in Dar es Salaam should be rubbing their hands with glee after former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa recently offered them a helping hand. Speaking at a meeting with bodaboda operators at Leaders Club grounds, in […]

End in sight for Dar es Salaam’s traffic woes

Expectations are running high among Dar es Salaam residents as the first phase of the city’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project inches closer to completion. For Dar es Salaam commuters, who spend over two hours on a one-way trip into or out of the central business area, the project, implemented by government agency DART, promises […]