What makes a bikeable city? Ideas to get Lagos cycling again

How Lagos can become a bike-friendly city.

Towards adaptive traffic management solutions for Lagos

How traffic management strategies can ease congestion in Lagos.

Inclusive urban management in Lagos: a case for street traders’ survival

In Lagos, urban management strategies have not recognised the spatial requirements of street traders as a priority. Researcher Kolade Akiyode offers his thoughts on some solutions.

City perspective: a voice from Lagos

Future Lagos meets Ibidolapo Adejuyigbe, a management consultant living between Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. His dream for Lagos is to be able to move comfortably around the city without being transported by a car.

A voice from Lagos: artist and fashionista Oyindamola Fakeye

Voices of the City is a weekly feature from Future Lagos that spotlights the everyday lives of citizens, living and working in Lagos. this week we meet Oyindamola Fakeye, curator of art, fashion and music.

Looking forward: Lagos 2015

With elections coming up in February 2015, it’s hard to get a sense of 2015 Lagos. But there are some hints towards what will take priority,

Challenges and opportunities in Lagos: interview with Lookman Oshodi

Future Lagos’ Olamide Udoma met up with Lookman Oshodi, an urban planner working in Lagos, to ask him some questions about Lagos and its future.

The Lagos Tour: first stop Surulere

‘The Lagos Tour’ is a new, monthly feature from Future Lagos that will explore Lagos using photography. This month we visited Surulere, a residential and commercial district on the Lagos mainland, east of Lagos Island. The district is famous for it’s suya (spicy barbequed meat) and barbecue spots. The National Stadium complex is also situated in Surulere and is one of the district’s major landmarks.

Eko Atlantic City: the journey to completion

Article first published by Future Lagos. Eko Atlantic City is a 10 square kilometers city being built as an extension of Victoria Island, South of Lagos. It is one of the new ‘utopian’ style cities being planned in Africa. It’s comrades are Hope City (Accra, Ghana), Tatu City (Nairobi, Kenya), Century City (Abuja, Nigeria), Kilamba (Luanda, […]