Accra: a city in need of a plan

Accra needs a spatial plan to properly organise the city space, writes Grace Ecklu.

Planning for the people

Social resilience can only exist when people who care about their city come together to get involved in its development. Building social resilience will mean planning Accra for people.

‘Dumsor’ in the city

Dumsor means “off and on” in the Akan language and is an apt way of describing the current energy crisis in Ghana’s cities.

Weekly news roundup: February 6, 2015

Lagos evacuates 260 beggars in 100 days In spite of Lagos state Government’s effort to end street begging, more beggars still troop into the state daily. This compelled the government to intensify its raid, leading to the evacuation of 260 beggars from the streets in the last 100 days. – Vanguard In Johannesburg, a new bridge … Continued