District Six Residential neighbourhood of District Six on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa - Cloete Breytenbach

Views of District Six

James Clacherty shares contrasting views of District Six in Cape Town that highlight this urban wound at the heart of the city.

Start from where you are: the case for a community-led affordable housing model

Poor urban residents have been successfully housing themselves while states struggle to meet housing demand. James Clacherty explores how an informal, community-led housing model might be able to meet growing urban housing demand.

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Gone but not forgotten: Cape Town’s thomassons

An exploration of the useless elements in Cape Town’s built environment and what they can tell us about our relationship with our cities.

Re-thinking the homeless narrative in Cape Town

The reality of homelessness in Cape Town is more complicated than the deficiency narrative reproduced so often by wealthy city residents and city officials, writes James Clacherty.