Powering Africa’s urban revolution

Powering Africa’s urban revolution is complex.

Film: Powering Namuwongo

Short film explores alternative energy systems operating in Namuwongo, an informal settlement in Kampla, Uganda, and the people who create and use them.

South Africa’s insurgent citizens: On dissent and the possibility of politics

This book adds to a vibrant literature on contemporary crisis in South Africa and shows how practices of disruptive politics are being driven by South Africa’s insurgent and activist citizens.

Incremental infrastructures: material improvisation and social collaboration across post-colonial Accra

This article by Jonathan Silver reflects on ad hoc actions on the part of slum dwellers in post-colonial Accra to connect to energy networks or carve out informal living spaces.

Uganda: Waste(d) Infrastructures

Jonathan Silver, of the London School of Economics, explores the challenges facing mid-sized cities such as Uganda’s third largest metropolis Mbale.

It is time to pay the climate debt: financing a low carbon urban Africa

Dr Jonathan Silver highlights the limited, compromised and hopelessly flawed carbon financing mechanisms that are heaping pressure on an African continent at the forefront of climate change.