Madness at the junctions

Due to poor planning decisions Accra’s new shopping malls are causing traffic chaos.

Hidden cullinary gems of urban Ghana: the coconut and “broke man”

A “broke man” is a healthy meal of charcoal-roasted sliced plantain and peanuts and it’s readily available to all buyers — rich and poor — on Accra’s streets.

Nkrumah’s flagship and the dilemma of Ghana’s urban and housing future

In Tema, today’s dilemma oscillates between the pursuit of western notions, particularly of the American kind, of downtown commercial areas and the reality of addressing the shelter needs of those in the low-income bracket.

Ebola’s subversive claim on urban planning and social engineering

Is Ebola becoming a tool to subvert the claims of the urban poor to the preferred spaces of the elite? Is it the case of Ebola’s treatment regimes and outcome serendipitously favouring the rich?

Ebb and flow: reconfiguring contemporary open spaces in Accra

In our previous post, we argued that open spaces were being lost in the “intensification of the concrete jungle”, thus requiring urgent reclamation of marginal, vacant, underutilized or abandoned spaces as recreational space, temporary performance space, or even urban parks, some of which lie outside the formal planning systems or arise as a result of […]

In Accra, a need to re-claim open spaces and re-gain community?

Traditionally, recreation and social interaction were a matter of course for African societies, finding expression in the built form from the compounds in multi-family dwellings to community durbar grounds. The very form of the built environment ensured the requisite interaction. However with urbanisation and a misconceived notion of modernity, the experience of social interaction is changing in form, substance and scale.