The cost of cheap cars: Gaborone’s transport challenge

In Gaborone, a city without a public transport system, commuters are snapping up cheap imported used cars, putting pressure on the city’s already oversubscribed roads. Kibo Ngowi takes a look at the city’s vision for an improved transport system.

Gaborone’s CBD: In Search of Lost Time

Gaborone’s CBD faces an uphill battle as it tries to claim its place as the heart of the city and realise a vision that was conceived more than 20 years ago.

Malled to Death: Gaborone’s Retail Explosion

I was born and raised in Gaborone. Despite being in my mid-twenties I can still recall a time when this city had no shopping malls to speak of. Of course we had African Mall and Main Mall with their quaint rows of shops ranging from butcheries to shoe repairers but we had no real malls. […]

There’s no place like home: Botswana’s housing problem

In November 2014 thousands of Batswana came to apply for plots at Oodi Sub Land Board, the local authority responsible for managing land-related issues in a small part of the country spanning several villages, despite the fact that there were only 400 available plots in all the villages under the board’s mandate. The result was […]