How art can change a city

Beninese artist Romuald Hazoume questions urbanisation, governance, leadership and citizen participation in Cotonou with his exhibition ‘Aré.’

Fruitful partnerships in Cotonou

An urban farming cooperative in Cotonou, Benin, feeds over 330 families. The collaboration between government, the private sector and civil society is as an example of a fruitful partnership for other cities.

Surfing the waves of Joburg’s informal waste economy

Johannesburg’s street surfers recycle a big chunk of the city’s waste, facing harassment and hardship in the process.

Mind the Gap

Kim Harrisberg takes a hard look at the inequality that haunts South Africa’s streets, through interviews with men living and working beneath a bridge in the wealthy suburb of Sandton.

Accra’s urban farmers need support

Ruth Taylor, a domestic worker in Ghana’s capital, grows maize, cassava, green peppers and bananas on the piece of land behind her house. With the help of one hoe she, like a growing number of Accra’s residents, uses the little space, which measures about 4m x 4m, within her rented property to grow this produce […]