Cultivating Delft’s cultural capital

Art in the spaces beyond Cape Town’s inner city art scene.

The Harare Academy of Inspiration: a new category of public space

A month-long open “university” in a Cape Town township offers alternative ways of learning, challenging the city’s geographical strictures.

Forms of fine art and football in Lwandle

Painting a soccer mural cements the power of place for young artists from Lwandle township.

Fast Forward >> Here: Making Public Art Personal

Using theatre games and film, this public arts project will explore what it means to be a young person living in Khayelitsha, the semi-formal township on Cape Town’s periphery.

Stand-up nights

The ACC’s ‘Public Art and the Power of Place’ project funds artists working in areas that contribute to a fuller representation of Cape Town. Megan Tennant interviews comedian Siya Seya about the Amasokolari stand-up comedy nights in Khayelitsha.

Safety in the city: Contested spaces in Cape Town’s CCID

How accountable is CCID Safety and Security for their crime prevention initiatives in Cape Town’s central city?

Troubling the image of an African city: Interview with Rike Sitas

Art can provoke new understandings of cities, and potentially dismantle polarised images that characterise African cities. UrbanAfrica.Net interviews the ACC’s Rike Sitas.

Holding local government to account

Highlights from the launch of the Good Governance Learning Network’s annual publication in June.

The problem with Cape Town in literature

Cape Town’s natural beauty and inequality may hinder its literary depictions.

Urban News Roundup – 26 June 2015

City news headlines from around the continent.