Gulu’s sculpture boys

They only appear in the town centre in the evenings. During the day, they are hard at work moulding all manner of objects using a mixture of clay and cement. In Gulu town, they are simply known as “the boys who sell animals” — teenagers who sell animal sculptures on the streets to make a […]

Government needs to raise revenue for social services in Gulu

Gulu town is the defacto capital of northern Uganda. The region has had peace for the last six years, after the two-decade long conflict between the government of Uganda and the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) came to an end. With the return of normalcy, humanitarian organisations that during the war aided Gulu in the […]

Heavy rains put Gulu’s already fragile infrastructure under pressure

On a rainy Sunday evening, the stench that comes from a burst sewer pipe on the main street in Gulu town is unbearable. It has been raining here on an almost daily basis for the last two months. And each time it does, the rain sends raw sewage that flows from old sewer pipes into […]

Improved roads coming to Gulu

Gulu, a town in northern Uganda, is run by a municipal authority which gets most of its funding for social service provision to residents from the central government. The municipality, which considers itself the de-factor capital of northern Uganda, is clamouring for legal city status. But basic social services, such as roads, are still wanting. […]

Gulu: clamouring for city status after war

From atop the Pearl Afrique Hotel, the changing skyline of Gulu town is visible. The thatched roofs of mud and wattle huts that once dotted the edges of the town are no more.  The mud and wattle has given way to tiled and iron sheet roofs of new buildings that sprout from the rubble where […]