Hope in troubled waters: Developing water transport infrastructure in Lagos

In West Africa’s most urbanized city, many experience that while “water no get enemy”, it certainly does pick and choose its friends. These words are part of the lyrical heritage bequeath by the late world-renowned Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, whose rally cries against military rule, corruption and colonialism resonate with his Lagosian kinsmen decades on. […]

Lagos and the terrorist threat

In today’s world of entrepreneurial cities, at least two things matter more than size when it comes to inspiring investor confidence – urban infrastructure and security. Lagos, Africa’s second-largest city and fastest-growing urban economy, is no exception. Yet despite considerable efforts to deliver physical upgrades, instill formality into local practices and depopulate suspected brewing stations […]

Food for thought: reforming governance through food

From roadside “Mama Put” canteens and street vendors to sprawling supermarkets and vast catering networks, a booming food culture in Lagos is transforming the city’s landscape and culture with an industrial intensity nearly unmatched by any other commercial venture in the local economy. Much of this can be attributed to the stable growth of Nigeria’s […]

Makoko demolitions prompt accusations of institutionalised elitism in urban planning

Home to over 80,000 people, Makoko’s stilt-supported timber dwellings have long been an urban motif along the city’s inland shoreline – illustrative of the tough but vibrant life of Lagos. Yet, with a decision that simultaneously flouted international human rights conventions, encroached on federal jurisdiction and opened the floodgates of public scrutiny, the partial demolition […]