More than a game

Durban could become the first South African city to host the Commonwealth Games. While the Fifa World Cup left South Africa with a big bill, it seems that hosting the Commonwealth Games will be advantageous for a developing city such as Durban.

Durban looks to BRT for better bus service

If Durban is to become “Africa’s most caring and liveable city” by the year 2030, the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a necessary undertaking.

Slow days for Durban’s rickshaw men

Durban’s rickshaw men are a key tourist attraction at the city’s beachfront. But a rickshaw puller who spoke to Rolan Gulston says business is dead.

(D)urban Regeneration: Rivertown

In recent months certain areas in Durban’s Central Business District have undergone a transformation with the aim of creating a welcoming environment for local and international visitors, as well as new businesses. Urban regeneration, as this process is referred to, is defined by the Virginia Tech Metropolitan Institute as “regenerating cities and early/inner ring suburbs […]