Slum dweller federations put data to use in Lagos

A report back on the profiling and mapping activities undertaken by the Nigerian Slum Dwellers Federation and JEI Nigeria in Lagos, Nigeria.

What might slum dwellers want from the SDGs?

This post is drawn from an interview by IIED’s David Satterthwaite ahead of World Habitat Day about what the Sustainable Development Goals could mean for slum dwellers.

Plotting a better life in Ugandan slums

This short film, made by SciDev Net, explores the work of the Ugandan SDI Alliance in Kampala’s slums. It shows how the Alliance is using SDI tools to advance the right to the city through practical action on the ground.

A people-centred approach to citywide sanitation

As the global development discourse formulates the post-MDG agenda, sanitation is a core area that demands attention. Having for too long been neglected by governments, as is reflected by sporadic service and dilapidated infrastructure for the urban poor, it is one of the MDG’s that will not be met by 2015. Sanitation provision has a […]

Community savings for urban change: building women’s leadership for slum upgrading

Republished from Shack/Slum Dwellers International Savings groups form the basis of collective action in urban poor communities. The establishment of community savings is a core ritual of the urban poor federation building process, and the central participation of women in community savings significantly improves the quality of the process and the probability of sustainable change. […]