Youth: The centrepiece of urban renewal

Better urban planning results come about when slum dweller communities are empowered to develop their own ideas and shape them into realistic and measurable plans.

We count: settlement profiling in Nairobi, Kenya

According to the English dictionary, the word eviction is¬†the removal of a tenant from possession of premises in which he or she resides or has a property interest done by a landlord either by reentry upon the premises or through a court action.¬†Eviction may be in the form of a physical removal of a person … Continued

How affordable is “affordable housing?”

Cross-posted from MuST blog at Slum Dwellers International Muungano wa Wanavijiji has been mobilizing and positioning saving schemes groups within its umbrella on the concept of collective group savings to spur up housing development and upgrading. In efforts geared to empower the structural development framework of the federation in addressing the needs of the poor, … Continued