Can we use housing interventions to fight TB in South Africa?

Tubercolosis is the top killer in South Africa. Building better houses could help reduce the spread of the disease, writes Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

The two faces of service delivery in South Africa

South Africa’s standard household survey approach needs to investigate the quality and reliability of water provision and the adequacy of shelter provided, writes Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Community-driven informal settlement upgrading: the SDI approach

Stuart Denoon-Stevens unpacks Shack/Slum Dwellers International’s community-driven informal settlement upgrading methodology with a look to why it works.

The case for ecological sanitation in South Africa

Why dry and ecological sanitation technology should take centre stage when considering South Africa’s sanitation future.

Reimagining cemeteries

With South African cities struggling to keep up with the demand for new graves it’s time to look at alternative burial options, argues Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Trash to treasure: sustainable buildings for the poor

South African sustainable housing projects show how to alleviate housing backlog and re-use waste at the same time.

Alternative construction techniques create jobs in South Africa

South Africa needs to reconsider how it builds public buildings to capture the sector’s full labour-creation potential. Two pioneering projects show what’s possible.

Making space for informal traders in SA’s formal retail areas

How including micro-enterprises and informal traders in formal retail areas can help South Africa realize the goals of Inclusivity and spatial justice.