The 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Urbanisation and the Research-Policy Interface – Issues for the G20

G20 and the question of urbanisation

This week, leaders of the world’s twenty largest economies will be meeting in the German port city of Hamburg. Since the creation of the Group of 20 (G20) in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, issues on its agenda traditionally include global economic growth, free trade and financial market regulation. For this […]

Encounters with Angola

Photo exhibition explores contrasts of everyday life in Luanda, Angola.

Review: Urban Planning in Lusophone African Countries

Research into Portuguese colonial planning in Africa, which achieved its heights in the 1950s and 1960s at a time when other colonial powers were retreating from the continent.

Understanding urban informality

What is urban informality? In spite of the ubiquitous presence of this term in the literature on cities around the world, the ways in which it is used to explain and analyze urban realities varies across different disciplinary, methodological and intellectual traditions. Associated for a long time with illegality and marginalization, informality is now increasingly […]

Who is Africa’s best mayor?

On the 6th of March, Africa’s best mayor was supposed to have been awarded a prize in Luanda during the first ever African Mayor Awards ceremony. But the event was postponed. Sylvia Croese wonders why.

Review: ‘Politics and Policies. Governing cities in Africa.’

Approaches to the study of cities in post-colonial Africa have evolved over the years, reflecting global trends in development thinking in which the state’s role has changed from an interventionist planner to an enabling manager of development. Since the 1990s, the failure of many African states to manage rapid urbanization has resulted, crudely put, in […]

New African urbanisms: a view from Luanda

Twenty years ago, Western scholars declared African cities to be in crisis. [1] Years of rapid unplanned urban growth under conditions of economic crisis had taken their toll and observers warned that without ‘good governance’ these cities would be lost beyond repair. Post-war urban development in Luanda as described by the South African anthropologist Claudia […]