Responding to city snapshots

Have a look at this video here by Ananya Roy, in which she provides a critique of the world class city narrative as having no place for the urban poor. Watch it all – she explains it really well.   Joburg is often punted as being a ‘world class African city.’ But have you ever […]

Looking between the frames: Review of ‘Imagining the Edgy City: Writing, Performing and Building Johannesburg’

In Johannesburg: The Elusive Metropolis, John Matschikiza described Johannesburg as an “ever-changing movie that no one has quite managed to produce” (Nuttall & Mbembe eds., 2008: 222). The incomplete nature of the movie is a metaphor for Johannesburg as a whole. Loren Kruger, in his book, Imagining the Edgy City: Writing, Performing and Building Johannesburg, […]

Joburg’s spatial transformation: a grand vision

It is evident that 20 years into our democracy, South African cities are fundamentally unequal in many respects. The full brunt of apartheid was often felt most in South African cities, and yet despite this the South African government has done little to spatially transform our cities. This was the thinking, broadly, behind the Spatial […]