We count: settlement profiling in Nairobi, Kenya

According to the English dictionary, the word eviction is the removal of a tenant from possession of premises in which he or she resides or has a property interest done by a landlord either by reentry upon the premises or through a court action. Eviction may be in the form of a physical removal of a person […]

Cape Town celebrates World Town Planning Day

On 14 November 2013, the City of Cape Town invited delegates to a conference entitled ‘Planning, the critical link in the development process’, to mark World Town Planning Day (celebrated internationally on the 8th of November). This conference, the content and theme of which was organised by members of the African Centre for Cities Mistra […]

10 must-watch videos to understand Egypt’s urban challenges

Right to Housing is an initiative that aims to link contemporary urban challenges with the notion of the “right to housing.” If that right is constitutionally protected and guaranteed, urban activists argue, it could lead to the drafting of policies that will respond to the many negative aspects of urban and rural life in Egypt. […]

Durban’s emergency operations center tries to manage a housing crisis

Vincent Ngubane surveys a glowing bank of wide, flat-screen TVs lined up against a wall in a swish office suite in downtown Durban. As head of this city’s emergency control and disaster management unit, Ngubane oversees 50 eagle-eyed staff who work round-the-clock monitoring the feeds from 262 closed-circuit television cameras scattered across the city. Durban, […]

The formal politics of informal projects: part II

**Read part I of this blog post here.** In September of this year delegations from Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania visited Zambia to discuss progress on the SHARE project. This is the fourth time these countries have met to discuss progress, assess challenges, and learn from each other collectively around sanitation. The value of the meeting […]

From ‘My Slum’ to ‘My City’ : Action Steps towards Global Slum Profiling

“We are able to appreciate that we need to have a more holistic view of the cities where we are working” (Frederick Mugisa, Uganda, SDI Alliance). “…now we are planning the profiling in the settlements we are working and also see city wide settlement profiling to help in planning of the city with the slum […]

Cairo’s informed/informal brick cities

Informal communities are quite a fashionable topic these days. Most people use the term ‘informal communities’ as a more polite/academic way to say slums, favelas, etc. These words conjure up images of shanty towns in places like India and Brazil. The reality is that there is a huge gradient of community types that fall under […]

Namibia’s first community planning studio: Preparing for slum upgrading in Freedom Square, Gobabis

Republished from  Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia The planning for the Freedom Square informal settlement came about as a result of an exchange that took place in March 2012 in Cape Town and Stellenbosch with Municipal councillors and officials from three local authorities (Gobabis, Grootfontein and Keetmanshoop) to learn about how communities and local authorities […]

The case for Bellville and Voortrekker Road (infographic)

The Future Tyger project kicked off on 26 August with a public conversation that engaged with those who live, work, learn, play, use health facilities or own businesses in the Voortrekker Road Development Corridor, including the Bellville Central Area (in Cape Town, South Africa). Future Tyger aims to positively impact on the future through developing […]

Nairobi’s future success demands a mixture of competence and caring

Republished from Informal City Dialogues. As the Informal City Dialogues moves toward its “Embracing the Informal City” conference this month, each week we will present summaries of the scenarios created in the six participating cities. These scenarios were created in multi-day workshops planned and conducted by Forum for the Future in conjunction with the Institute […]