Co-production in action: Towards realising just cities

Publication from Mistra Urban Futures gives window into transdisciplinary work on urban development .

Urban Action Lab at Makerere University is in action

Urban Action Lab in Kampala to make crucial contribution from East Africa to pan-African attempts at facing urban challenges.

Narrative and value articulation of contested green spaces in Cape Town, New York and London

Researchers look at how values of contested urban green spaces are articulated across cultural contexts in Cape Town, New York and London.

Unequal geographies

Report back on the Democratic Practices PhD seminar at the African Centre for Cities.

How do we ensure broad buy-in to the New Urban Agenda?

Successful urban strategies have worked because local governments and local civil society could see the value of applying them. Commentary by David Satterthwaite and David Dodman.

It depends on who you ask: Using exploratory methodologies in urban design

The desire to turn ‘chaos’ into order can act as an exclusionary mechanism. Lessons from an exploratory study by the Urban Futures Centre at the Durban University of Technology that challenges conventional planning.

GxaGxa: where people know you and mosquitoes bite your children

What it’s like to live in GxaGxa settlement in Cape Town.

The two faces of service delivery in South Africa

South Africa’s standard household survey approach needs to investigate the quality and reliability of water provision and the adequacy of shelter provided, writes Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Spatial transformation: Achilles’ heel for SA’s cities

Progress lagging in making South African cities more inclusive say experts at launch of the State of South African Cities 2016 report.

International Accreditation for University of Botswana’s Urban & Regional Planning Undergrad Programme

The Urban & Regional Planning (URP) programme is the first at the University of Botswana to be awarded full accreditation by an international professional body.