How a new kind of “modern” urban development can include street vendors

How proper planning and considerations, rooted in citizen needs and demands, could support more vibrant streets in Accra.

What does a smart African city look like?

With over 1.3 billion people projected to be living in African cities by 2050, planning and designing smart, low-carbon African cities is key for a sustainable urban future.

Ghana and the urban challenge

Sylvanus Kofi Adzornu, head of the Urban Development Unit in Ghana’s Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, discusses the need for improved urban planning in Ghana’s cities.

Trash to treasure: sustainable buildings for the poor

South African sustainable housing projects show how to alleviate housing backlog and re-use waste at the same time.

Seeking city champions

In the face of urbanisation African cities need champions to drive national policy around cities. But leadership is lacking. William Cobbett, director of Cities Alliance, talks to about the ‘case for African cities.’

Cities in need of dreams: the urban challenge in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is on the path to hit mega-city status by 2050. Philotheusy Mbogoro, national coordinator for the Tanzania Cities Network, speaks to from the Africities Summit about Tanzania’s urban development challenges.

The fight to make slum dwellers visible

Voices from Africities: A campaigner for the rights of slum dwellers speaks about the need to show policy makers the reality of life in the slums.

Tokyo skyline in morning mist

Africa’s emerging mega-cities

Mark Jackson tracks the growth of Africa’s three emerging mega-cities over the past 25 years and consider their future form.

SEED alternative low carbon housing design

South Africa’s low-cost housing: constraints and opportunities

Highlighting the opportunities and constraints for better low cost housing in South Africa.

Alternative construction techniques create jobs in South Africa

South Africa needs to reconsider how it builds public buildings to capture the sector’s full labour-creation potential. Two pioneering projects show what’s possible.