Nairobi, Kibera

Snapshots of rapid urbanisation across Africa

With rapid urbanisation taking place across the continent, what urban forms are we seeing in the fastest growing cities, and what will they look like by 2050?

Cities Alliance think tank: Serge Allou talks urbanisation in Africa

In this video interview, Serge Allou, lead urban specialist with Cities Alliance, discusses future urban growth in Africa and some of the challenges associated with urbanisation.

Cities Alliance think tank looks at African urban questions

The first in a six-part series of video interviews with African city specialists who form part of the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank featuring professor Alcinda Honwana.

What might slum dwellers want from the SDGs?

This post is drawn from an interview by IIED’s David Satterthwaite ahead of World Habitat Day about what the Sustainable Development Goals could mean for slum dwellers.

Bola de Neve, Switching gears? Towards an Inclusive Framework for Slum Upgrading in Cazenga and Sambizanga

In Luanda a slum upgrading scheme sees residents temporarily relocated to provisional housing to facilitate redevelopment of their settlements.

Uncovering the pockets: Profiling Accra’s slums

Updates on the The Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor’s project: citywide profiling of seven municipalities in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.

Car repair shop in Kumasi Ghana

The return of local manufacturing: a global trend with strong roots in African cities

As the cost of the global outsourcing of manufactured goods, on both the environment and society has become clear, the future role of local manufacturing capacity is worth discussing. Various versions of local manufacturing in a high density and informal urban environment are already being practiced in Africa, offering insight into the global changes coming to manufacturing as a whole.

Cities as growth poles: the case of Angola

Angola’s development policy is centred on the idea of creating a network of growth poles. But the focus on ‘hard infrastructure’ in a country where rates of poverty, inequality, and unemployment are high is inadequate to meet the country’s development needs.

User-driven housing construction: lessons from Cairo

In Cairo, informal modes of housing production create a resilient and user-generated city.

Reimagining Cairo through its passageways

The Cairo Laboratory for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research is redesigning city passageways to activate underused public spaces downtown.