The Modernist Project in Luanda

Urban development in Luanda has taken a modernist slant, reminiscent of the late modernist principles of post-industrial Europe. Technocrats, politicians, urban planners and a bevy of international consultants are spearheading such visions, as they appear to be seeking some form of modernist urban progression that demonstrates Luanda’s status as an international economic engine and showcase.

Khartoum struggles with uncontrolled growth

Khartoum is under strain. The city does not have the capacity to serve the high number of urban migrants that flock to it in search of work and better living conditions.

Bulawayo’s colonial buildings need some TLC

Thulani Ndlovu takes a look at the state of Bulawayo’s colonial era architecture.

Creating Loopholes in Capital: The Idea Bank

In modern cities, money operates more as a divider than a connector. Sarah De Villiers explains how architecture can bridge the gaps.

African Cities Reader 3: Land, Property & Value

The third installment of the African Cities Reader explores the unholy trinity of land, property and value – the life force of cities everywhere.

Plotting a better life in Ugandan slums

This short film, made by SciDev Net, explores the work of the Ugandan SDI Alliance in Kampala’s slums. It shows how the Alliance is using SDI tools to advance the right to the city through practical action on the ground.

Accra: a city in need of a plan

Accra needs a spatial plan to properly organise the city space, writes Grace Ecklu.

An open data revolution for the Gauteng City-Region?

It’s time for Gauteng to get data smart.

Starting from the South: perspectives on urbanisation in China and South Africa

In this video series, four of the keynote speakers from the African Centre for Cities ‘Starting from the South’ urban studies workshop, held recently in Cape Town, share their perspectives on urbanisation in China and South Africa.

New New Cairo: How to make sense of Egypt’s capital plans

Last month, Egypt’s Housing Minister announced plans to build a new capital city not far from Cairo. Could the new city be just another ‘castle in the sand?’