Speed-dating for the brain: talking heads

‘Talking Heads’ can described as an evening of speed-dating for the brain, whereby attendees engage in four 20-minute round table conversations with different thought leaders, experts and creatives focused on urban issues. Christy Zinn reports from Cape Town.

Playing with food and other serious matters

As part of the events programme running with the City Desired Exhibition currently taking place at the City Hall in Cape Town, the African Centre for Cities, in conjunction with dala, an organisation that attempts to engage social injustices through placing architecture in the field of contemporary art, hosted a series of gaming activities that […]

Grootboom Dialogues put focus on urban land justice

The 7th Annual Irene Grootboom Memorial Dialogues were held last week. Organised by the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) and the African Centre for Cities (ACC), the four public lectures brought community leaders, civil society and academics in conversation around the issue of urban land justice.

Putting K2 and Green Park on the Map: Thoughts on Mapping and the Know Your City Campaign

During a successful learning exchange focused around settlement level data visualisation and mapping, community members from K2 and Green Park, two informal settlements in Cape Town, created digital maps of their neighbourhoods.

Heroes in public spaces: contested iconography and memorials

The (re- or de-) memorialization of heroes, past or present, emerging or fallen, is an important planning function that is often taken for granted but needs a rethink on the appropriate hows, whos, whats, and whens.

An alien looks at Nairobi

After seven months, Gemma Soles returns to Nairobi and makes some observations on the city, its building boom, and the pitfalls of being a pedestrian.

Johannesburg: Transient City

Although a great deal of time has been spent focussing on why the city has fallen to ruin and analysing the causes of the secular failure of Johannesburg’s heart, effort must and is being directed to understanding the city’s contemporary context and the modelling of its future.

The urban land question: Cape Town’s stalemate

A reflection on ‘The Urban Land Question,’ published in The People’s Law Journal, Issue 2 – a call for radical policy and action towards enabling equitable spatial integration?

Challenges and opportunities in Lagos: interview with Lookman Oshodi

Future Lagos’ Olamide Udoma met up with Lookman Oshodi, an urban planner working in Lagos, to ask him some questions about Lagos and its future.

Animated urbanisms

To help spread urban research in an easily digestible form, The University of Manchester joined forces with media company Toasted Productions and created short animations based on researchers’ findings for the ‘Animated Urbanisms’ competition.