Know your city: the video

Slum Dwellers International has gathered data on over 7,000 informal settlements around the globe and wants to put the urban poor at the centre of strategies for urban development for inclusive cities. Learn more about SDI’s ‘Know Your City’ campaign in this short video.

Reflections from the Kampala Learning Centre: What does it mean to know your city?

This year, SDI launched an initiative called Know Your City in partnership with the Cities Alliance and United Cities and Local Governments Africa (UCLGA).

Ways to make Joburg better

  In this short film urbanist Thomas Coggin, of urbanjoburg, gives his thoughts on how to make Johannesburg a safer, more inclusive and fun city.      

Nkrumah’s flagship and the dilemma of Ghana’s urban and housing future

In Tema, today’s dilemma oscillates between the pursuit of western notions, particularly of the American kind, of downtown commercial areas and the reality of addressing the shelter needs of those in the low-income bracket.

Five urbanisation challenges in Addis Ababa

I was recently quizzed on what I consider to be the key urbanisation issues in Addis Ababa based on my experience living in the city over the last year. So here is a quick overview of five urbanisation challenges facing the city from my own perspective 1. Sustainability of buildings and infrastructure Addis Ababa is […]

Johannesburg: city under transformation

This video from the South African Cities Network looks at Johannesburg’s urban space economy and what can be done with urban design and planning to overcome the legacy of apartheid spatial planning and make the future city workable for its citizens.

Re-thinking the (Park)ing bay

How would our cities be if there was more space dedicated to people and less space dedicated to cars? Park(ing) Day is a global event that attempts to answer this question by transforming metered parking bays into temporary public spaces.

Responding to city snapshots

Have a look at this video here by Ananya Roy, in which she provides a critique of the world class city narrative as having no place for the urban poor. Watch it all – she explains it really well.   Joburg is often punted as being a ‘world class African city.’ But have you ever […]

Ebb and flow: reconfiguring contemporary open spaces in Accra

In our previous post, we argued that open spaces were being lost in the “intensification of the concrete jungle”, thus requiring urgent reclamation of marginal, vacant, underutilized or abandoned spaces as recreational space, temporary performance space, or even urban parks, some of which lie outside the formal planning systems or arise as a result of […]

Africa and urbanisation: Re-imagining Africa’s realities

(Republished from Future Cape Town). Recently South African online publication Daily Maverick published a number of pieces speaking to some of the consequences of urbanisation that often go overlooked by the public. In particular, two articles have risen key insights about service delivery and access in the face of large-scale urbanisation. In the article “Analysis: Africa’s […]