Untapped finance for African cities: Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are increasingly seen as a way to plug the finance gap for African cities that face a chronic shortfall in urban financing.

Podcast: Sustainable funding for Africa’s cities

African Research Institute podcast examines examines financing options for municipalities to ensure sustainable development of African cities.

Inclusive urban management in Lagos: a case for street traders’ survival

In Lagos, urban management strategies have not recognised the spatial requirements of street traders as a priority. Researcher Kolade Akiyode offers his thoughts on some solutions.

How informal cross border trade extends the reach of Johannesburg’s retail and wholesale sectors

Informal cross border traders contribute between R2.3 and R3.6 billion to Johannesburg’s wholesale and retail economy annually.

What’s a rand got to do with it?

Micro-enterprises are a significant source of income for many South Africans. Nava Derakhshani looks at what one rand can buy in the informal economy.

How a new kind of “modern” urban development can include street vendors

How proper planning and considerations, rooted in citizen needs and demands, could support more vibrant streets in Accra.

Johannesburg, sunrise

The Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank: Clare Short on investing in Africa’s future

In this video Clare Short, Chair of the Cities Alliance Policy Advisory Board, talks about how a mobilised population could result in leaps in development across Africa.

Alternative construction techniques create jobs in South Africa

South Africa needs to reconsider how it builds public buildings to capture the sector’s full labour-creation potential. Two pioneering projects show what’s possible.

Making space for informal traders in SA’s formal retail areas

How including micro-enterprises and informal traders in formal retail areas can help South Africa realize the goals of Inclusivity and spatial justice.

Cairo’s street vendors and the contestation of public space

Street vending is at the heart of larger questions concerning the contestation and negotiation of public space in Cairo.