Untapped finance for African cities: Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are increasingly seen as a way to plug the finance gap for African cities that face a chronic shortfall in urban financing.

How do we ensure broad buy-in to the New Urban Agenda?

Successful urban strategies have worked because local governments and local civil society could see the value of applying them. Commentary by David Satterthwaite and David Dodman.

Spatial transformation: Achilles’ heel for SA’s cities

Progress lagging in making South African cities more inclusive say experts at launch of the State of South African Cities 2016 report.

Window into political perceptions in Gauteng

Just because citizens are satisfied with service delivery doesn’t mean they’re singing local governments’ praises. This and other insights from the Gauteng-City Region Observatory’s Quality of Life Index.

The prosperity of African cities

Using the UN-Habitat Cities Prosperity Index to gain insight into African cities and the challenges they face.

Seeking city champions

In the face of urbanisation African cities need champions to drive national policy around cities. But leadership is lacking. William Cobbett, director of Cities Alliance, talks to urbanafrica.net about the ‘case for African cities.’

Informality as an urban challenge

In this video Gustave Massiah, an Urban Specialist with the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, discusses the key challenges facing African urbanisation in a post-industrial period.

Damaged statue of drummer in front of construction site in Dakar, Senegal.

Cities Alliance think tank: Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi on the role of urbanisation in Africa

In this video Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary-General of the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG), talks about the challenges African countries face as they rapidly urbanise.

Cities Alliance think tank: Serge Allou talks urbanisation in Africa

In this video interview, Serge Allou, lead urban specialist with Cities Alliance, discusses future urban growth in Africa and some of the challenges associated with urbanisation.

Cities Alliance think tank looks at African urban questions

The first in a six-part series of video interviews with African city specialists who form part of the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank featuring professor Alcinda Honwana.