Bola de Neve, Switching gears? Towards an Inclusive Framework for Slum Upgrading in Cazenga and Sambizanga

In Luanda a slum upgrading scheme sees residents temporarily relocated to provisional housing to facilitate redevelopment of their settlements.

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Positive open data approaches: models for reciprocity

With cities around the world developing open data portals there is a growing need for models that make sure this information is not exploited for profit.

Cairo’s street vendors and the contestation of public space

Street vending is at the heart of larger questions concerning the contestation and negotiation of public space in Cairo.

Ongoing crisis in Eastern D.R Congo: the need for an urban perspective

Researchers have typically analysed conflict dynamics in Eastern D.R. Congo from a dominant rural perspective. But cities are equally crucial sites of action and change. It is crucial to address the link between conflict and urbanisation in Eastern Congo as part of an integrated approach of post-conflict reconstruction, writes Karen Büscher.

Safety in the city: Contested spaces in Cape Town’s CCID

How accountable is CCID Safety and Security for their crime prevention initiatives in Cape Town’s central city?

Looking at cities through food: Consuming Urban Poverty

Food systems have been studied in primary cities but there is far less understanding about governance of food systems in secondary cities in Africa. The African Centre for Cities has launched a project, ‘Consuming Urban Poverty, which focuses on governing food systems to alleviate poverty in three secondary cities.

Holding local government to account

Highlights from the launch of the Good Governance Learning Network’s annual publication in June.

African Cities Reader 3: Land, Property & Value

The third installment of the African Cities Reader explores the unholy trinity of land, property and value – the life force of cities everywhere.

Who is Africa’s best mayor?

On the 6th of March, Africa’s best mayor was supposed to have been awarded a prize in Luanda during the first ever African Mayor Awards ceremony. But the event was postponed. Sylvia Croese wonders why.

Urbanising the global agenda

Yanna Romano talks to Susan Parnell of the African Centre for Cities about the United Nation’s urban goal on its pending post-2015 agenda.