Africa’s great urban migration

(Republished from UCT’s Monday Monthly). Africa is urbanising rapidly. The ongoing human migration – of people pulling up roots in rural areas and resettling in cities – that happened in the Global North over a period of 200 years, is happening in the Global South (including Africa) in less than half the time. This rapid […]

Voting day in a Cape Town suburb

South Africa held its fifth democratic national election on May 7. The political dynamics between urban communities and party candidates over the past year ensured much anticipation over the outcome of an occasion that brings with it the prospect for refreshing change and the assurance that things will in all likelihood stay the same. With […]

Two meetings too few as elections draw near

With elections on the horizon, communal venues across Cape Town have been hosting events put on by organisers who are trying to raise awareness of the country’s political, social and economic challenges, drawbacks and scandals

Cape Town’s citizens vote on the streets

When the Open Streets event was finally confirmed for Saturday 26 October, we knew that it would be a good opportunity to get our Your City Idea installation (YCI) – now officially a World Design Capital, Cape Town 2014 project – onto the streets of Observatory (Lower Main Road, a 900m stretch closed to cars […]

Burgers, neighbourhoods and Egypt’s non-system

With new restaurants opening every week in Cairo it may appear that the government has been promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship and facilitating the opening of new restaurants and cafes in some parts of the city as a way to stimulate the local economy towards recovery. While the revolution seems to have been nearly all but […]

Two court cases and the future of Cairo

In the midst of recent political turmoil there have been developments in two court cases which have gone largely unnoticed. In both cases private property was targeted for confiscation using state institutions as a vehicle for private investment to acquire these properties. In both cases the state mobilized its security apparatus and even used lethal […]

The city and Egypt’s constitution 2013

Last year as a new constitution (for Egypt) was drafted issues pertaining to the right to housing, right to the city, protection and management of patrimony, right to information (including municipal budgets, etc) and the right to elect municipal officials including governors were almost entirely excluded from the final draft or were given vague unbinding […]

Urban housing in Cape Town: pressure cooker on the boil

Isiqalo is an informal settlement in Cape Town built on a sand mine and rubbish dump. The Legal Resources Centre is representing the community after they recieved an eviction notice from the city of Cape Town. Urban Housing in Cape Town: Pressure Cooker on the Boil from Zute Lightfoot on Vimeo. Feature image courtesy of […]

Time to re-think the parking bay?

“The right to the city is not simply the right to what already exists in the city; it is also the right to transform the city into something radically different” – David Harvey, 2009. The vast majority of outdoor urban space is dedicated to the private vehicle, while only a fraction of that land is […]