Fearing the tide: The resettlement debate in West Point, Liberia

Liberia’s largest urban slum, West Point is under threat from sea level rise. But the shifting displacement-resettlement debate cannot be simply presented as one in which it is government versus slum dwellers, writes Ariadne Baskin.

Re-thinking the homeless narrative in Cape Town

The reality of homelessness in Cape Town is more complicated than the deficiency narrative reproduced so often by wealthy city residents and city officials, writes James Clacherty.

Can we use housing interventions to fight TB in South Africa?

Tubercolosis is the top killer in South Africa. Building better houses could help reduce the spread of the disease, writes Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Street drugs in Durban: A researcher’s perspective

Over the past few years the use of whoonga – a form of low-grade heroin – has spiked in Durban. A researcher shares her experiences working with users on the streets.

The barricaded shops of Delft South

Shop-keepers in Delft South, an area with one of the highest crime rates in South Africa, are fortifying their stores with cages to protect themselves from criminals.

Hungry Cities: a call for inclusive growth in urban food systems

As Africa continues to urbanize at an unprecedented rate, the continent’s cities grow hungrier and hungrier. Emma Broadway reports on the Hungry Cities Partnership Conference.

The fight to make slum dwellers visible

Voices from Africities: A campaigner for the rights of slum dwellers speaks about the need to show policy makers the reality of life in the slums.

What might slum dwellers want from the SDGs?

This post is drawn from an interview by IIED’s David Satterthwaite ahead of World Habitat Day about what the Sustainable Development Goals could mean for slum dwellers.

Ongoing crisis in Eastern D.R Congo: the need for an urban perspective

Researchers have typically analysed conflict dynamics in Eastern D.R. Congo from a dominant rural perspective. But cities are equally crucial sites of action and change. It is crucial to address the link between conflict and urbanisation in Eastern Congo as part of an integrated approach of post-conflict reconstruction, writes Karen Büscher.

Graphic resistance

Crossroads: I Live Where I Like is a graphic novel history series on women’s organized resistance to slum clearance in Crossroads South Africa, 1975-2014.