Cities as growth poles: the case of Angola

Angola’s development policy is centred on the idea of creating a network of growth poles. But the focus on ‘hard infrastructure’ in a country where rates of poverty, inequality, and unemployment are high is inadequate to meet the country’s development needs.

Cape Town’s MyCiti BRT – Four Years into its ‘Democracy’

Four years since the first MyCiti bus route started operating in Cape Town, it seems a fitting time to see how the system is faring.

Outside of a box: experiences of commuter cycling in Cape Town

Commuter cycling is an experience geared for the senses. Four Capetonians share their experiences of cycling in the city with Megan Tennant.

Free Wifi for SA’s cities

The idea of free internet access within South African cities is no longer a far-fetched idea. A non-profit organisation, Project Isizwe has made this a reality in the City of Tshwane.

Creating Loopholes in Capital: The Idea Bank

In modern cities, money operates more as a divider than a connector. Sarah De Villiers explains how architecture can bridge the gaps.

More than a game

Durban could become the first South African city to host the Commonwealth Games. While the Fifa World Cup left South Africa with a big bill, it seems that hosting the Commonwealth Games will be advantageous for a developing city such as Durban.

The Boda Boda Thieves

This film shows an insider’s view of urban Africa, its underworld and the generation gap between urban migrants and their first generation children.

Durban looks to BRT for better bus service

If Durban is to become “Africa’s most caring and liveable city” by the year 2030, the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a necessary undertaking.

Mapping movement in Dar es Salaam

A team of researchers used open access data to map traffic congestion in Dar es Salaam. Urbanafrica.Net spoke to Lasse Mølle from the University of Copenhagen about the research and what the findings mean for the city.

To share or not to share? Making taxi choices in South Africa

When it comes to taxis there is safety in numbers. Maitagorri Schade explains why she’d choose a minibus taxi over a cushy Uber ride.