Building effective BRT solutions for Africa: What matters?

Comment on BRT solutions for Africa from Dr. Dayo Mobereola, Chief Executive Officer, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA).

Cycling the African city

It is well known that cycling is great exercise and a healthy pursuit. But also, using a bicycle to commute instead of a car, motorbike or public transport is a way to lower one’s carbon footprint and reduce noise in populated areas. It also allows for greater autonomy when moving around cities and takes pressure […]

Tackling the transport challenge: Beyond investment in mass transport systems

Improvements to the transport system are indeed a critical component of improving the lives of so many South Africans. However, understanding which improvements impact on who is critical.

Why South Africa should expand its nuclear power programme

Countries like South Africa should consider developing more nuclear reactors because they are safer and cleaner than most people think, writes Brandon Finn.

Driving is a disgusting habit

If you have ever taken to cycling, running, walking or skating this thought might have occurred to you before: driving is a disgusting habit.

Committing to the bike in Cape Town

For someone who tries to steer away from operating in an aura of linguistic aloofness to justify and present my design methods, I have to confess I have found a profoundly complex description, which I will be using regularly. Doxastic commitment: a class of beliefs that go beyond talk and to which we are committed […]

Citywide sanitation projects in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania report on successes of first year

(Cross-posted from SHARE Research website) SHARE partners Shack/Slum Dwellers (SDI), together with their affiliates and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), have just published four policy briefs documenting the first year of the SHARE-funded City-Wide Sanitation Project. The purpose of this research project is to develop inclusive, sustainable sanitation strategies. In practice this […]

Contested spaces. Contested lines.

(First published at Contested Space, April 22, 2014). I proudly handed out my first bicycle map today. Thousands of hours of research, conversations and what I know to be hard fought battles to make cycling a more viable travel option in Cape Town. On a map. In your pocket. I have so enjoyed exploring these […]

No pain, no gain? Rapid urban growth and urbanism in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s high altitude capital, is a city undergoing one of the fastest rates of urban growth in the world. The huge scale of development and change that is occurring makes it seem like the entire city is just one big construction site. All across the city new houses, condominiums, offices, roads and other pieces […]

The informal taxi network in Addis Ababa: A complex-adaptive system?

(Reposted from Complexia) In Addis Ababa there are three main forms of public transport: government-run buses with set routes, contract taxis, and an informal network of buses and minivan taxis that operate on a range of different routes across the city based largely around commuter demand. I have been a regular user of the minivan […]