Establishing a fair and viable renewable energy feed-in tariff in Cape Town

The City of Cape Town has recently published a two part tariff for small scale embedded generation. On this tariff customers are paid R0.52 for each unit (kWh) of energy fed into the grid, are charged R1.01 for each unit consumed, and are required to pay a daily service charge of R12.08 for the service. […]

Cape Town deserves a reliable and predictable train service

It is reassuring that the Regional Manager of Metrorail, Mthuthuzeli Swartz (Cape Times, July 19), is willing to acknowledge the precarious state of Cape Town’s rail network and to engage in public debate about how to fix it. Rail users will be pleased to read that there is a long-term plan to upgrade the track and trains, […]

Smart Electricity for South Africa – a civil society response

South Africa’s central electricity planning instrument, the Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity, is due for review in the near future. Many criticisms, both in terms of content and process, have been levelled against this national policy. Although the large renewable electricity generation component in IRP2010 was a welcomed policy shift, the Plan continues to rely […]

Cape Town: the iPhone of African cities

Cape Town is the iPhone of African cities. A slick, beautifully designed place wrapped deftly around a solid core of mountain, sand and sea. We love our city much as acolytes will defend Apple with near fanatical devotion. Joburg can have its business-minded Blackberry; we have the universal appeal of a laid-back piece of urbanity, […]

Gautrain and Metrorail perpetuate South African inequalities

Several months ago, as the Gautrain pulled up to the Pretoria Station, casually looking to our left, we noticed a mass of people exiting a dirty, dilapidated, and very old train; an image that was abruptly interrupted by a wall. It was a glaring juxtaposition. The Gautrain – new, clean, and well-furnished – was distinctly […]