Realising just cities: Mistra Urban Futures

Recap of the Mistra Urban Futures ‘Just City’ conference.

Innovations in urban food security research

How a multi-country research team is developing new ways of researching urban food security for the Consuming Urban Poverty project.

Powering Africa’s urban revolution

Powering Africa’s urban revolution is complex.

Green spaces in cities good for mental health

The importance of safe green spaces in cities should not be underestimated, especially for mental health.

Co-production in action: Towards realising just cities

Publication from Mistra Urban Futures gives window into transdisciplinary work on urban development .

How do we ensure broad buy-in to the New Urban Agenda?

Successful urban strategies have worked because local governments and local civil society could see the value of applying them. Commentary by David Satterthwaite and David Dodman.

Podcast: Sustainable funding for Africa’s cities

African Research Institute podcast examines examines financing options for municipalities to ensure sustainable development of African cities.

African cities can avoid lock-in to fossil fuels

As Africa continues to urbanize at an unprecedented rate there is a great need to build cities that are resilient and can withstand the pressures of the future.

Ghana’s drive for gas power calls commitment to renewables into question

To deal with its energy crisis Ghana is investing in gas-powered thermal plants with the aim of supplying 80% of the country’s electricity from gas-powered plants in the next 10 years. This calls into question the future of renewable energy development.

Film: Powering Namuwongo

Short film explores alternative energy systems operating in Namuwongo, an informal settlement in Kampla, Uganda, and the people who create and use them.