New Urban Agenda mustn’t leave secondary African cities out in the cold

To deal with the challenges of rapid urbanisation happening in secondary African cities, slum dwellers are organising themselves and creating local plans based on data they have collected to inform partnerships with local government.

The case for ecological sanitation in South Africa

Why dry and ecological sanitation technology should take centre stage when considering South Africa’s sanitation future.

Why Nairobi must spread the right food message in an unhealthy environment

Scientific evidence shows that consuming at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can prolong your life and reduce your risk of developing non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Yet not enough people across the world are consuming adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables. In low and middle income countries, over 75% […]

African cities tackling climate change

Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia, and Tshwane, in South Africa, are two African cities showing leadership in tackling climate change.

Reimagining cemeteries

With South African cities struggling to keep up with the demand for new graves it’s time to look at alternative burial options, argues Stuart Denoon-Stevens.

Trash to treasure: sustainable buildings for the poor

South African sustainable housing projects show how to alleviate housing backlog and re-use waste at the same time.

The prosperity of African cities

Using the UN-Habitat Cities Prosperity Index to gain insight into African cities and the challenges they face.

Green infrastructure: a way to support development in Africa

Green Infrastructure presents an opportunity to rethink the way infrastructure provision and development are envisaged in African cities.

Looking at cities through food: Consuming Urban Poverty

Food systems have been studied in primary cities but there is far less understanding about governance of food systems in secondary cities in Africa. The African Centre for Cities has launched a project, ‘Consuming Urban Poverty, which focuses on governing food systems to alleviate poverty in three secondary cities.

Khartoum struggles with uncontrolled growth

Khartoum is under strain. The city does not have the capacity to serve the high number of urban migrants that flock to it in search of work and better living conditions.