Waste-to-energy: African cities can transform their energy landscapes

Using waste to create energy is a win-win endeavour that has economic, social and environmental benefits for African cities.

Local government’s role in sustainable energy transitions is poorly understood

African local governments can play an important role in sustainable energy transitions. But the ability within local governments to step into this role is severely inadequate. Sustainable Energy Africa is working to change that.

Urbanising the global agenda

Yanna Romano talks to Susan Parnell of the African Centre for Cities about the United Nation’s urban goal on its pending post-2015 agenda.

Green assets as an infrastructure alternative

Kerry Bobbins explains how investment in Green Infrastructure can benefit South Africa’s cities.

Uganda: Waste(d) Infrastructures

Jonathan Silver, of the London School of Economics, explores the challenges facing mid-sized cities such as Uganda’s third largest metropolis Mbale.

Nairobi National Park under threat

Rapid urbanisation is putting pressure on Nairobi National Park and its delicate ecosystems. Gemma Soles spoke to a local conservationist to find out more.

It is time to pay the climate debt: financing a low carbon urban Africa

Dr Jonathan Silver highlights the limited, compromised and hopelessly flawed carbon financing mechanisms that are heaping pressure on an African continent at the forefront of climate change.

Know your city: the video

Slum Dwellers International has gathered data on over 7,000 informal settlements around the globe and wants to put the urban poor at the centre of strategies for urban development for inclusive cities. Learn more about SDI’s ‘Know Your City’ campaign in this short video.

Accra’s urban farmers need support

Ruth Taylor, a domestic worker in Ghana’s capital, grows maize, cassava, green peppers and bananas on the piece of land behind her house. With the help of one hoe she, like a growing number of Accra’s residents, uses the little space, which measures about 4m x 4m, within her rented property to grow this produce […]

Walling in the one percent: Eko Atlantic

Perhaps the dream that drove the construction of the ‘Great Wall’ to protect Lagos from sea level rise is being hijacked to suit the elite?