South Africa — key to putting informal settlements on the Habitat III agenda

For the African National Congress, the ruling party that came to power in 1994 after the fall of apartheid, informal settlements have been a continuous problem, one compounded by the rapid influx of people to urban areas in search of better opportunities.

Kampala aims to lead African cities in fight against climate change

The Ugandan capital is finding homegrown climate solutions.

In Uganda’s small but fast-growing cities, ‘one planner is not enough’

‘Secondary’ cities are booming across Africa. Jinja is one aiming to get ahead the growth.

The challenges of land and inclusion for the New Urban Agenda

For the critical issues of urban planning, land markets and public space, the Habitat III process must recognize the importance of participation by all.

Cultivating Delft’s cultural capital

Art in the spaces beyond Cape Town’s inner city art scene.

Climate finance receives keen attention in Habitat III funding talks

Last week, a key series of discussions on financing sustainable urban development included multiple sessions on the issue.

The Harare Academy of Inspiration: a new category of public space

A month-long open “university” in a Cape Town township offers alternative ways of learning, challenging the city’s geographical strictures.

How can Africa deliver on its ambitious vision for Habitat III?

The continent’s regional meeting resulted in an urbanization strategy that is conceptually strong but lacking in concrete targets, timelines and commitments to change.

Finding a truly common vision for African cities

The upcoming Habitat III regional meeting in Abuja will be a key indicator of whether Africa”s leaders understand the critical role to be played by local authorities in leading sustainable urbanization.

How Durban set the global standard for providing water and sanitation for the poor

How a city of 3.2 million residents, South Africa’s second largest, is solving monumental water and waste challenges in its jammed informal settlements.