Life on the ambiguous edge of Cairo

Life in Sheikh Zayed City, one of Cairo’s peripheral suburbs, through the eyes of resident Omar Omar.

Achieving inclusiveness: The challenge and potential of informal settlements

A comprehensive approach to upgrading slums needs to be seen as a way to foster equitable development. Habitat III can help bring about this recognition, writes Judith A. Hermanson, president and CEO of the International Housing Coalition .

Will Accra’s BRT be a breath of fresh air?

Jane Lumumba considers whether Accra’s commuters will ditch private transport for the new BRT system, set to launch at the end of 2015.

‘Local govt at the coalface’: message from Africities

Closing ceremony of Africities Summit calls for stronger local governance in cities.

Africa leads with urban agenda for Habitat III

Africa is the first region to present a common urban agenda ahead of next year’s major United Nations (UN) gathering on housing and sustainable urban development, Habitat III. Kim Gurney reports from Africities 2015.

Public space in focus at Africities Summit

The politics of urban planning was brought into focus at the 2015 Africities conference through discussion on green spaces and how best to value them amid competing urban needs.

Foreign investment lacking in African cities

Foreign direct investment (FDI) levels are nowhere near enough given the rate of urbanisation in African cities, which should diversify for better resilience and socio-economic benefits. Report from Africities Summit.

Africities 2015: Africa’s cities need to be sites of sustainable growth

Launch of Africities Summit in Johannesburg highlights how success of the post-2015 development agenda will be measured in Africa’s cities.

Land in Accra: a clash between tradition and the modern city

Jane Lumumba explores how Ghana’s customary land tenure system negatively impacts urban development.

Fruitful partnerships in Cotonou

An urban farming cooperative in Cotonou, Benin, feeds over 330 families. The collaboration between government, the private sector and civil society is as an example of a fruitful partnership for other cities.