Gaborone’s CBD: In Search of Lost Time

Gaborone’s CBD faces an uphill battle as it tries to claim its place as the heart of the city and realise a vision that was conceived more than 20 years ago.

Taxi-moto safety in Kigali: a conversation with Tom Goodfellow

Researcher Tom Goodfellow explains how Kigali’s motorbike taxis contribute to keeping Kigali safe.

Feeder roads to deal with Dar’s traffic dilemma

Commuters in Dar es Salaam are used to spending hours stuck in traffic jams. A new 46.2-kilometer network of feeder roads in the city should change that. Florence Mugarula reports.

Dar needs to deal with unplanned settlements

Living in Dar es Salaam for some can best be described as the struggle of living in unplanned settlements where road networks and drainage systems leave a lot to be desired. But residents can see some light at the end of the tunnel as the government plans to implement the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Project […]

Malled to Death: Gaborone’s Retail Explosion

I was born and raised in Gaborone. Despite being in my mid-twenties I can still recall a time when this city had no shopping malls to speak of. Of course we had African Mall and Main Mall with their quaint rows of shops ranging from butcheries to shoe repairers but we had no real malls. […]

There’s no place like home: Botswana’s housing problem

In November 2014 thousands of Batswana came to apply for plots at Oodi Sub Land Board, the local authority responsible for managing land-related issues in a small part of the country spanning several villages, despite the fact that there were only 400 available plots in all the villages under the board’s mandate. The result was […]

Uncertain but necessary: street vending in Tunis

In post revolutionary Tunis, the streets are filled with vendors selling peeled cactus fruits, home- made muffins, cheap underwear, make-up products and fake perfumes. The counterfeit fragrances are mostly brought up from neighboring Algeria and Libya. Trade is brisk around Place Barcelone at the city center with vendors peddling smuggled wares and buyers flocking for […]

Ambitious housing project revamping Ethiopian cities

Since 2004, the Ethiopian government has been rolling out a national housing project to solve the country’s urban housing challenge. While the project has made some gains, there remains a housing deficit, especially in urban areas. Ethiopia has one of the lowest proportions of citizens living in urban areas: only 16.7 percent. However, things are […]

Analysis: Time for Maputo to tackle traffic congestion

In December last year, Maputo’s municipal bus company published a quite astounding statistic. Its annual results for 2013, published in daily newspaper Noticias, showed it had only managed to transport half the number of passengers around Mozambique’s capital city as it had in 2012. It blamed this primarily on increased traffic congestion, which it said […]

In Kampala, an Uber for motorcycle taxis puts safety first

(Republished from Citiscope). KAMPALA, Uganda — Motorcycle taxis rule the road in this capital city, where estimates of the number of “boda bodas” ferrying passengers around town range from 65,000 to the hundreds of thousands. That’s at least five times more bodas than New York has yellow cabs. They’re also notoriously unsafe. Between the potholed […]