Rains wreak havoc in Dar es Salaam

It is noon and the heavens break loose. While some cheer for the seething breeze that accompanies the rain, some just curse it. Frederick Lema, a veteran commuter bus driver, grows animated as raindrops start falling. He knows the day is over and as a breadwinner he anticipates more trouble at home. It has been […]

Commuter trains ease traffic in Dar

In Dar es Salaam the government in collaboration with the private sector has been trying hard to come up with solutions to solve the traffic jams that bedevil the city. One strategy has been the implementation of commuter train routes in the city, established in October 2012. The service is cheap and relatively reliable compared […]

Government moves to make bodabodas safer in Dar

Photo: Traffic police inspect a bodaboda rider’s particulars at Magomeni area in Dar es Salaam. Emmanuel Herman. Motorcycle taxi operators in Dar es Salaam should be rubbing their hands with glee after former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa recently offered them a helping hand. Speaking at a meeting with bodaboda operators at Leaders Club grounds, in […]

Fractured identities in Tunis

As you walk through the Ibn Khaldun neighborhood, seven kilometers from downtown Tunis, the unaccomplished state of the area becomes immediately apparent. Since the 1970s Ibn Khaldun has been in constant flux, as residents continuously re-build their houses. Ibn Khaldun is no anomaly. Cities across Tunisia  are rapidly changing, a reflection of Tunisian’s own crisis […]

Hydropower for Juba

JUBA (South Sudan) – It’s the talk of the day, from the grocery shops lodged in shacks on the side of the road, to the poshest restaurants in town. Since the rainy season’s floods disrupted the Gulu-Nimule road, the main entry point to South Sudan from Uganda and the whole of East Africa, Juba has […]

Housing a real conundrum in Dakar

An interview with Alé Badara Sy, from the Club de Réflexion sur l’Urbain, a think tank focusing on Senegal’s urban issues, about Dakar’s housing problems. Ababacar Ndaw: The issue of access to housing has become a major concern for public authorities. What is your perspective? Alé Badara Sy: Through the authorities’ discourse we can sense […]

Dakar: a fragmented agglomeration

In Senegal’s capital a long absence of urban planning has led to the anarchic development of economic activities and residential settlements as well as the remarkable polarity of the city, writes Alé Badara Sy.

Gulu’s sculpture boys

They only appear in the town centre in the evenings. During the day, they are hard at work moulding all manner of objects using a mixture of clay and cement. In Gulu town, they are simply known as “the boys who sell animals” — teenagers who sell animal sculptures on the streets to make a […]

Banking on tourism in Banjul

The streets of Banjul are often quiet, especially at night. Some hustle and bustle occurs during the day and on weekends, but for the most part The Gambia’s capital city is quiet. Traffic starts to flush into this port city around 6 a.m. when travellers enter the ferry port en route to the other side […]

Pro-Routes: Building roads for poverty reduction in DRC

Despite its enormous size, the DRC is connected by too few roads. Decimated by years of conflict, the business of building roads has not kept pace with the country’s population explosion, least of all in the capital Kinshasa. The Projet de Réouverture et d’entretien des Routes Hautement Prioritaires, known as Pro-Routes, is a project centralised […]