Weekly urban news roundup: February 21, 2014

The week’s headlines

UNHCR crowd-sources solutions to urban refugee crisis

United Nations High Commission for Refugees has implemented a web-based platform for ‘crowd-sourcing’ solutions to challenges facing urban refugees. This is particularly relevant to Africa’s cities which host large refugee populations. IRIN reports: The first challenge to be debated on the new crowd-sourcing platform is how to improve access to information and services for refugees […]

Urban development vs. agriculture in Cape Town

Housing or food security? This question is at the centre of Cape Town’s latest urban debate about land use in Philippi, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town.  After the City of Cape Town approved plans for 280 hectares of agricultural land to be developed, major disagreement has followed. Some argue that the productivity […]

Kigali City: ensuring adequate housing for all

KIGALI City needs at least 344,068 new housing units over the next ten years to accommodate the rapidly growing population, according to a new report by the city council. The report, released yesterday, indicates that half of the 223,000 houses in Kigali are in good shape, 32 per cent in dire need of upgrading, while the […]